The Standoff

So I am trying to get my self out of bed this morning. I have already hit the snooze alarm too many times. 

Luke is snuggled up next to me on my left side. Kitty jumps up on the bed on my right saying good morning and wanting me to scratch her around the face. I move a bit and hear the “squeak squeak” of a little toy mouse that’s rolling around on top of the covers.
I throw it up in the air, where kitty catches it and bats it around. I repeat that a few times until Luke is finally awake enough to pay attention. Next thing, they are both standing, one eye on the mouse the other on each other, wondering who will pounce first. It was a stand-off.
Staring wide-eyed, kitty watches as Luke pounces, grabs the mouse and curls back up next to my left side. I could see the shock on her face.
I laugh; actually and finally awake, myself. I am now sitting up, smiling and thinking about how wonderful it is to wake up like this. I had just witnessed a sweet interplay. I thought too that God was watching the interplay between all three of us. I believe he laughed and smiled at the morning too.

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