I took a hiatus…

I took a hiatus from writing last July, never intending it to last until now, mid-January 2012. I had the opportunity to get out of my apartment in a “duck & dive” neighborhood in south Minneapolis. The first day of my move, my car broke down and I had to have myself, my car and my loot towed to my new home in Lauderdale, MN. As I write this I am still remembering how blest I felt at the number of people who came and helped. Most of them were from Lauderdale.  This is where I lived before I ran off too Pennsylvania. It’s also where I go to church, so I was doubly blest by the people who came to help.

I am co-renting a very old house and I love it. To keep my side of the rent down, I am renting with an 80+ woman who got evicted from her apartment of 32 years. That part has been a difficult transition, since I do all the cooking, cleaning and outdoor maintenance. I also work full time.

Somehow, through all of this, I plug away at my dream: to semi-retire as a writer, and to make LilyG Studios a reality, with my own personal craft.  (More about that later) In the midst of the holidays, a friend of mine and I went to a dog park, where a very large-breed dog bit and killed my little Pekinese. (More about that later too)

Anyway, I am back and have been working on some additional stories that I will add to my blog. So thanks for reading and I will be back in the next couple of days.

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