Losing Credibility

This is a second hand story, or maybe third hand, but it was told to me by a friend. I think about it on occasion and sometimes I laugh and sometimes I wonder about where in wherever the human race came up with some of the choices they make.  Tonight, I am laughing.  Sorry to the lady who had to endure this.

This woman, manager of some big corporate project, going full tilt with full on excitement and intent. Many people look to her for inspiration and direction. This powerhouse of a woman is heading down an aisle between some desks and does not see that one of the desk drawers is sticking out.

In her power suit, she flies head over high heels, and lands with one leg sitting at a very wrong angle. Her leg was broken. The thing is, she lost all her credibility with her co-workers. I know they felt bad for her, but when she was flying through the air, she let escape a very long and loud fart.

It’s not fair that something like this would define a person, but sometimes things just happen that way.

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