North Shore – Lake Superior

Over Memorial Weekend, A friend of mine and I went up along the western north shore of Lake Superior. We brought our dogs and planned to find as many agates, interesting rocks and geological pieces of interest that we could.

The weather started off cold, wet and dreary, but as the weekend progressed, it was perfect. We went to Thomsonite Beach, where we lugged heavy pink-laced, slate-gray basalt back to the car.

We found flat stones that were red or grey or green in round, egg and oblong shapes. One beach had stones that were flecked with larger matrix crystals. This beach is protected because of the unique braided lava still in evidence. Those stones looked like prehistoric dinosaur eggs.

I was so pleased to find someone who loved finding rocks as much as I do! Judy and her dog, Rowdy, were great travelling companions. I brought  my two dogs Luke and Chewie. It took the dogs two days to recover from all the running and exploring that they did.

Anyway, I was reminded of all the gravel roads my siblings and I wandered over in our seaches for agates. I wrote a short story called, The Agate, and it was based upon an experience I shared with my brother in our endless competition to find the biggest and prettiest Lake Superior Agate.

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