Dogs on the Catwalk – Mel-O-Glaze Bakery

Angie and I had gone to get a cup of coffee and a donut at the Mel-O-Glaze Bakery in South Minneapolis. Neither of us had been there before, but she had read about it in the paper and that the place had good donuts. She bought two glazed and I bought one. The coffee was from a drip pot, and nothing could have tasted better with these donuts.

We sat at the bistro tables on the corner of 28th & Minnehaha Parkway, sipping our coffee and murmuring our “yum’s” over these fabulous donuts. The bakery has been family owned for four generations, and their donuts are mouth-watering.

As we sat there enjoying our treats at the outdoor tables, a gentleman walked by with his dog.

“Angie!” I said. “Look at that dog!”

It was small, fluffy, blue-eyed with black and white markings that reminded me of Shirley MacLain’s movie “Victor/Victoria.” Right down the middle of his nose was the delineation between the black and white.

The gentleman went in to get his own fix of coffee and donuts. I followed him in to get my second donut. When I came back to the table, Angie was engaged in conversation with the man and I learned the dog was a Sheltie, Edie the Sheltie, and quite well mannered. We both resisted the urge to squeeze it.

The gentleman left and we sat quietly in the early summer sunshine. Then a woman walked by with a West Highland Terrier, once again well-mannered. I have two small dogs of my own and they definitely are not as well behaved as the ones around here. We chatted with the woman, who told us her story of Sophie. She too went on her way.

Our corner view was definitely becoming interesting. We could see from all sidewalk directions and the dogs on leashes came and went. It wasn’t until a young woman came from across the street toward us, that I began to wonder if this entire scene had been staged. It was all too perfect.

As the tree branches arched over the sidewalk, dappling the pavement with sunlight, a slight breeze scattered the first lime-green leaf petals ahead of the woman as she walked with her dog. The woman was pretty and her pup was perfect. She held the leash exact and they both stepped lightly into the crosswalk.

“This is like watching a dog show,” Angie said, as she made herself more comfortable.

“Yes,” I said. “Or maybe like models on a runway, with their dogs.”

“Isn’t a runway called a catwalk?” Angie mused.

“What irony,” I said. “Dogs on the Catwalk.”

Angie has a better memory than I do, but neither of us could remember all of the owners and their dogs. We decided not even bother to with the owner’s names, just their fabulous dogs. There was Edie the Sheltie and Sophie the Westie, to start. Then there was Finn the Collie mix, Buddy, the tall and black, and Cato the Shepherd mix.

I love the stories that people tell me about their dogs. Most of them were ones they had rescued, either at a shelter or the Humane Society. Since Angie and I were together at the Mel-O-Glaze bakery, I have been keeping track of them and will share as time permits.

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