New Year’s Day 2011

i was right, it took me three hours just to change the picture on my main site. almost gave up but kept thinking about procrastination and perseverance. now i need to change the name of my blog and don’t know how.

i guess one of the things i want to do is to keep on track.  there are so many potential directions i can go and am excited about them all, but i can’t do all of them at the same time. i want to enjoy the journey as much as finding myself reaching my goals. art, craft, writing, and bread and butter finance jobs.  balance, focus, direction. all of this has been my stumbling block and my driving force.

text-messaged my daughter about how to change my name and finally did that tonight. whew! and i really thought i was computer savvy.

by the way, the picture was taken between nicollet island and the main land in the mississippi river, minneapolis, minnesota. i have started a group of pictures and one of them i actually did a pastel of.  art is a new experience for me that i journey through with awe.

One thought on “New Year’s Day 2011

  1. Leanne, I’m simply thrilled to hear from you. The picture is so moving for me. Your writing is great and I look forward to more. I’m definitely bookmarking this blog. You go girl! Har-har-har-har. Or as they would say in Brooklyn hah-hah-hah! Brooklynites take the rs out of everything. I’m Sistah Kathleen. Miss you bunches.

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